1. Walked through the Northland Arboretem today. Flowers were gorgeous!

  2. 67 degrees 98% humidity. Most memorable moment: ran through a cloud of knats, their little bodies stuck to the sweat on my face, flashed my abs at the neighborhood while wiping them off with my shirt. Lovely. Little slow, need to get back into strength training, but felt great to be outside.

  3. Great Blue Heron

  4. Tom Turkey’s hens were out with their poults today. They are adorable. I love seeing this flock by my house. They’re some of my favorite neighbors!

  5. I’m back home and running my usual routes. These beautiful flowers were here waiting for me. Love the purple!

  6. Sitting in the back seat of a Dodge Ram truck, following the railroad tracks through farmland listening to George Strait. ♡Texas♡

  7. Storm clouds over Texas.

  8. It’s my last night in Galveston, TX. We were here for a family reunion, which was a blast. I was looking forward to morning runs on the sea wall, but the seaweed has been covering the beaches and it stunk like you can’t believe! Unfortunately, it didn’t get better until my escort (hubby) had already left. He didn’t want me to run alone in Galveston, not exactly the safest place, so no sea wall runs for me this trip. Next time I’ll make sure to do it! Really sad I didn’t.

  9. In Galveston, TX visiting family and I spotted this Yellow Crested Night Heron. They roost by our house.

  10. Watching the FIFA championship in Galveston, TX.