1. Sitting in the back seat of a Dodge Ram truck, following the railroad tracks through farmland listening to George Strait. ♡Texas♡

  2. Storm clouds over Texas.

  3. It’s my last night in Galveston, TX. We were here for a family reunion, which was a blast. I was looking forward to morning runs on the sea wall, but the seaweed has been covering the beaches and it stunk like you can’t believe! Unfortunately, it didn’t get better until my escort (hubby) had already left. He didn’t want me to run alone in Galveston, not exactly the safest place, so no sea wall runs for me this trip. Next time I’ll make sure to do it! Really sad I didn’t.

  4. In Galveston, TX visiting family and I spotted this Yellow Crested Night Heron. They roost by our house.

  5. Watching the FIFA championship in Galveston, TX.

  6. I ran with my youngest this race. She did a great job, took no breaks, even ran the hills. These finish line photos are so cool, look at us, perfectly in synch the whole time! There is something about running along side my family, I love it!

  7. Nisswa Firecracker 5k! Everyone did a great job. I ran with my youngest and she kept her pace, never stopped. So much fun!

  8. Look what we’re doing today to finish the fourth of July celebrations. Gonna be fun!

  9. Scenes from recent runs. First time I ever saw a snapping turtle up close. She was a little intimidating actually. I never knew they were so big!

  10. Four miles in before the thunderstorms hit. Beautiful morning again, got home just as the sprinkles started. Saw an osprey leave the forest with food in his claws, a flock of geese flying toward the lake and a rattlesnake. You’re right, it wasn’t a rattlesnake, it turned out to be a branch. Look, I lived in the southwest my whole life. I think I will always be looking out for rattlesnakes. ;-)