1. Early morning fog

  2. Autumn in Minnesota is beautiful! Hiked the arboretem over the weekend, enjoying this great weather!

  3. Autumn is in full swing.

  4. Scenes around my neighborhood. I forgot how nice running in the cool air is! Loved every minute of it!


  5. Anonymous said: What motivates you to go running? And how do you maintain that exercise in cold, MN winter?

    I am motivated to go running because I like doing something outside looking at the scenery, and walking just feels like I’m wasting time. Running is also a good excuse to listen to music- MY music for a change, and no one else’s! And I like the hour to be alone with my own thoughts. Last winter was my first winter here, and I struggled to consistently get outside to run. We had way too many below 0 days where I couldn’t do it. I managed to run on a treadmill at the gym just enough to keep myself reasonably in shape. If I hadn’t registered for a race in April, I might not even have done that.

    Thanks for asking!


  6. Should have taken pictures!

    Yesterday, two firsts. First, I ran with a group of gals that I met in the book club I joined last year. So, first time for me running with people outside of a race. It was so much fun, 3.5 miles while chatting and laughing goes by incredibly quickly! I did find it a challenge to talk and run, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

    Second, we ran through the trails in our local arboretum. Oh my goodness, was it beautiful!! If I had been alone I would have so many pictures to share, but I didn’t want to slow down the whole group stopping for pictures. But I wish I had taken at least one!! The leaves are starting to change, mostly it has a light green/golden look, with a few fire red or orange trees mixed in. When they all change, it will be breathtaking.

    I have to say- I had so much fun running with a group. Trails are a little harder, with the sand and the hills, but the extra challenge makes it more interesting, and with the company it went by so fast. 

    We’re going to meet up at least once a week to run together until the snow falls, and I am thrilled to finally have some running partners!!! Yey! And after the snow falls- we might be snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Awesomeness!!!!


  7. Winter Racing?

    I stand corrected. Now that I’ve looked, exitrowiron was right, there are lots of events in the Twin Cities all year long, which is not that far away for me. Racing in the snow, who knew? Which got me to thinking back on last winter and running in the ice and snow. It was so slippery and cold. But it was also so fun and I felt like I was conquering the outdoors. I’m actually looking forward to that this winter. Although, I may get some treads for my shoes to make it easier and definitely need a better running coat. And let’s hope for a few less polar vortices but all in all, I’m feeling excited for Fall and Winter. Of course I say that now, it was a sun shiny 60 degrees during my run this morning! Also, the new U2 album— so great! !


  8. Fresh Motivation

    I am the type who does much better sticking with a workout plan that has a purpose. If there’s a race coming up, or some kind of deadline, I do a better job of sticking to a plan. Since we are heading into Fall and Winter, which is certainly not racing season in Minnesota, I had to find something else to provide motivation. So, two things.

    Motivation Tool #1- other people. I used to be a member of a momsrunthistown chapter in California. Since there isn’t one here in my area, I decided to start one. Hopefully it will help me meet other runners in my area, which will provide me with some camaraderie to keep up the running/fitness during the winter.

    Motivation Tool #2- workout plan. Since the weather is going to start getting colder anyway, I thought a running plan that focused more on strength training and core fitness on those indoor workout days would be helpful. I found one that was created by fitness trainers in conjunction with the creator of momsrunthistown, which means it is an overall fitness program, with a big emphasis on running, designed for runners.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I actually started week #1 last week. But after the first three days of weights in the gym I made myself SO sore I couldn’t even get out for the running it specified on the running days. So, I already screwed up week 1!

    No matter, I am going to redo week one this week, and take it a little easier on the weights this time so I can keep it up. It’s a 12 week program, which means if I stick with it, it will end close to my birthday. Then, my plan is actually to do it again since it will be winter, and hopefully after 24 weeks of a solid strength training program, next Spring I will be at a completely different fitness level for my running. 

    Here is my new program: Wish me luck!

  9. Autumn is coming but I took a few pics last week on the last scenes of summer.

  10. Whoa what a storm to wake up to!